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Drain unblocking

Sinks and bathtubs have every now and then proved to trap all sorts of residue which lead to clogging and inability to drain the water eventually. Our team helps in finding the problem and unblocking and cleaning the rest of he pipes to perfection

Water softeners and water filtration services.We install water softeners to help with the following.


Plumbing problems can happen in any home, at any time and for lots of different reasons. Knowing how to prevent them is key to preventing damage. However, taking care of plumbing problems yourself can often lead to more issues and make things much worse. The general rule of thumb with plumbing problem that appears challenging is to always have a professional take care of it for you,That is when you need a professional. We offer the following services.

General plumbing

Even reliable and durable fittings, pipes and valves can be defective, deteriorate, corrode, and get stuck, causing leaks or major water damage. Prevent this by having them replaced proactively. Our experienced plumbers in Calgary are always available to answer all your questions and worries.

kitchen and bathroom plumbing

Some houses have old plumbing and, in most cases, may not be compatible with the new appliances. Such as dishwashers. Water leaks are a common occurrence and if left unrepaired, can cause significant damage to the cabinet floor by promoting wood rot, warping and mold or mildew growth. We strive to provide knowledge and services on how to maintain and, we replace.

Sinks and faucet Pedestal sinks and vanities

Showers such as shower handles and shower door installations. We have patterned with the best manufacturers of bathroom supplies with guaranteed warranty tried and tested by us for for many years


Waste disposal is one of the necessary activities yet need effort to keep up to with. Garburators help to effortlessly shred the food waste into small pieces that can be easily go down the drain. garburator installation and repair are one of our many specialities.

Toilet installation and replacement.

Often toilets block due to foreign object or other factors that ran along its intended use. We can help with installation of new ones, change broken flanges and in case of any clogging we are still the right guys to call.

Poly B replacement

First off, since Poly-B has such a well documented history of failure, especially after 8-12 years of use, Check to see if your home was built prior to 1974. Typically, only homes built between 1978 and 1995 have this type of pipeLeaks. Poly-B is a grey coloured, plastic tube that is somewhat flexible. If you find that you do in fact have Poly-B tubing in your home, there are a few things you will want to consider. It has been known to cause the following issues if not changed.

Commonly asked questions

YES. In most cases the prices quoted include haul away of the old appliance

Our employees are required to move around with extra parts in case they are needed but should they have no parts with them, they will go above and beyond to have them available for the job.

We take Cash, E-transfer, and cheques.

YES, we do emergency services should you request for them.

YES, we do services in Calgary and all neighbouring areas.

YES, we offer a 24 months warranty on our services. That does not include product warranty.

Please give us a call as soon as you have any question or worries. We will be more than glad to give you immediate attention regardless of the time of the day.

YES, we offer both commercial and residential services

YES, our services are fully insured for your piece of mind

Our technicians will most likely give a call 15-30 mins before arrival to confirm you are home.

Our Dedicated Team

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination at the end of the day going forward. Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination at the end of the day going forward.


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